If we think about Australia, The first thing that strikes in our mind is Kangaroos; Koalas are upstanding water and air. Many intercontinental students prefer Australia for studying purposes because of its friendly and magnificent education system and high standard of living.

Studying in Australia will gain Knowledge for different kinds of diversity. Studying and living and working in Australia can help in developing the important competencies which can help future employees to nourish new opportunities.

Australia Immigration

If you are planning to study in Australia after a gap year, and have fallen in love with Australia, you may be considering staying on to study. You have many choices of great places to further your education including several which frequently feature in lists of the top universities in the world. Best Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh is Winning Track. Getting this sorted is a priority for anyone intending to study in Australia, and you’ll need to learn about the application process and all other required details.

Visa Types for Australia

If you want to go for the Australia Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh then “Winning Track” is the right and best option for Australia Immigration. Australia is no different, with many different issued under several broad categories main categories of visas available are as follows - with some common visa options listed out as example visitor visas - including visas for people on holiday, taking a working holiday, or transiting through Australia.

Living costs in Australia

This country has a high standard of living in the world. If we see as an eye of student living expenses and tuition costs are nominal and affordable which includes several things:

  • The accommodation costs around $85 to $215 per week
  • Groceries and eating out cost $20 to $55 per week
  • Phone and internet cost $15 to $55
  • The car cost $150 to $260 per week rental

  • Education in Australia

    You might have read or seen in the social media platform internet, newspaper, magazines, and other social platforms, so it very generous and best opportunity to study in Australia with best facilities and weather of Australia is best to live and study if we compare to any other company.



    A student who wants to go to Australia requires a subclass 500 visa which allows the student to stay in Australia for the duration of their study programs, which is up to 5 years. It is a necessity for the students to be ensured about the visa validity and conditions which are mandatory. One can review the details of the Australian Government Department and can go through it.

    Documents Requirements:

    While applying for a student visa, you are required to have several things:

  • Enrolment Proof (e-confirmation )
  • The Passport which is valid
  • Visa Application
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant(GTE)
  • Work Experience and Academic Records
  • IELTS Test (which is mandatory for students to give)
  • Financial Ability Evidence
  • Health Insurance Policy Details
  • SOP(Statement of the purpose)
  • You need to show parents’ consent if you are a minor (below 18 years of age)

  • How to apply for a visa online:

    First, you need to create an account that will be provided by our team and will help you access your visa application. To check the complete status of the account you can access with the help of the given account id and password. Submission of your application it will be no later accepted with six weeks before the start of the course and not earlier than 12 weeks.

    Role of the Winning Track:

    If you are part of Winning track, our allotted counselor with guide you with all the process and entire visa formalities.

    Our team will guide you as according and will help you officially to the authorized immigration and will help you fill all the applications as per the requirements.

    As an application from Outside Australia, further details would be given in our office.